Thursday, July 18, 2013

and the winners are.....

I have a To-Do 2013 list for my New Year's resolution
I started by creating 52 Pins on Pinterest

"I was inspired by the movie "Julie and Julia". A spin using Pinterest. 1.) To pin items in which I plan to do, recreate, DIY and cook for 2013. 2.) 52 pins in one year with thousands to choose from. 3.) One pin per week. 4.) A way to keep my creativity in full swing all year long. 5.) As each week passes, I'll update the notes on the completed Pin with details."

My Pinterest

With so many ways to blog, journal, tag and create socially I'm glad i decided to start my blogger page.

In the last blog that I posted I created a OOAK necklace and earring set that I call  Egyptian Steampunk.  Recently on a page that I "LIKE" on facebook I entered my Egyptian Steampunk set into a "CONTEST".
My first ever submission in my jewelry making.

The fan page in which I submitted my entry is 

I'm happy to announce that I won a prize!
Judge's Color Pick in #5 For the Birds

The excitement in my mind and body is AWESOME.  I spent most of last night....about 4 hours looking at all the designs that J Lynn has on her Etsy website.  I'll take some more time tonight to decide on what item I want to be my prize and make a selection tomorrow.

I can knock winning a prize for a jewelry submission off my 2013 resolution To Do list....which pertains mainly to my crafting and jewelry making.

Saturday, July 20th 2013 I'll be posting my submission 
for the Bead Hoarders Blog Hop!
Watch for all of the finished projects here 




  1. So happy you created and entered our contest Kathleen - it was a very fun piece and full of details :)

  2. I thank you for visiting and hope to join more contests and events.