Monday, December 30, 2013

52 Pins

52 Pins

Inspired by the movie "Julie & Julia". A spin using Pinterest. 

1.) To pin items that I did during 2013.  Whether it be making a crock pot recipe, watching a season of a television show, making jewelry or another craft.
2.) 52 pins in one year with thousands to choose from and new ones to design. 
3.) One pin per week (minimum).
4.) A way to keep my creativity in full swing all year long. 
5.) As each week passes, I'll update with the pinned photo or upload my own photo of the task that I've completed.  I'll also note the week # in the comments section, with the date or range of days in which I completed that pin.  Other details to the pin will also be written in the note section of each pin.

Please feel free to get started on your own "52 Pins" for 2014.  Watch for my next "Pin-spiration Board for 2014".  I'm tweaking out the details but plan to do many things in 2014, inspired by New Year's Eve Resolutions.


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