Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Starting Over


The Pros & Cons

PRO~ If you choose to enable Google+ you can have all of your google friends' comments linked to your google email account.

CON~If you choose to enable Google+ ONLY those who have a Google email account may post on your blogs.  They must either log in or sign up for a google email account.

CON~If you have enabled Google+ & choose to disable it remember this.....Copy & Paste every comment into word for each & every blog that you wish to repost the comments.  This is what I learned today.  I was able to copy & past only Google+ comments that were saved in my google email account from the drop down bell icon.

I was able to copy & paste Google+ comments for my recent posts of Carnival, Chicklets & Haberdashery, Gemstones & Metal, and Ocean Blog Hops only.  This was a decision I made to allow those who use other email accounts that are NOT google.  Unfortunately, I ended up losing all of my comments for EVERY post that I've created in blogger.  Including BSBP!!

Hopefully another Blogger user out there will be able to copy & paste all of their comments for all of their blog posts.

I learned many new things today with using blogger.  Google+ is like being in a private club.  I will continue to use my google email, just not every NEW aspect of their company.

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  1. Kathleen, this is awful. I have google + but haven't attached it to my blog yet. At least I don't think so. Not going to now either. T thanks for the heads up on this. So sorry about the issues you are having!